Slow Curing Cutback Bitumen (SC):

The invention relates to bitumen cutback, in particular to the use of fatty acid esters as bitumen cutback agents. These bitumen cutback agents may also be described as cutters, cutback additives, bitumen solvents, or bitumen thinners.
Hiwa Oil Co, supplying pure quality Cutback Bitumen slow Curing (SC) in five grades of SC-70, SC-250, SC-800, and SC-3000, according to the following specifications.


Guaranty and safety of Slow Curing Cutback Bitumen (SC):

Hiwa Oil Co, guaranty the quality of Slow Curing Cutback Bitumen (SC), while inspecting by international inspection companies, the both quality and quantity of Slow Curing Cutback Bitumen (SC), at loading port before loading and completing containers stuffing. The Slow Curing Cutback Bitumen (SC), also has its own prove of product quality of each batches by QC, while producing in refinery and before shipping. Hiwa Oil Co, guarantees the quality which meet with ASTM, according to following specification.


Specification of Slow Curing Cutback Bitumen (SC):


Test method


                 SC-70          SC-250         SC-800          SC-3000                

Kinematic viscosity at 60°C [140°F], mm2/s

70-140         250-500       800-1600      3000-6000

ASTM D2170

Flash Point (Clevel and open-cup), °C [°F]

                66[150]       79[170]         93[200]         107[225]                                     min                         min               min                min


Distillation test:

Total distillate to 360°C [680°F] %

               10-30             4-20               2-12               5 max


Solubility in trichloroethylene, %

            99.0 min      99.0 min        99.0 min         99.0 min

ASTM D2042

Kinematic viscosity on distillation residue at 60°C [140°F], mm2/s

        400-7000    800-10,000   2000-16000   4000-35000

ASTM D2170

Asphalt residue:

Residue of 100 penetration, %

                  50 min        60 min        70 min          80 min


Ductility of 100 penetration residue at 25°C [77°F], cm   

                  100 min     100 min      100 min      100 min


Water, %

                   0.5 max      0.5 max      0.5 max      0.5 max