Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG or LP gas), is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles.

Varieties of LPG bought and sold include mixes that are mostly propane (C3H8), mostly butane (C4H10), and, most commonly, mixes including both propane and butane.
In the northern hemisphere winter, the mixes contain more propane, while in summer, they contain more butane.

As its boiling point is below room temperature, LPG will evaporate quickly at normal temperatures and pressures and is usually supplied in pressurized steel vessels.

LPG has a very wide variety of uses, mainly used for cylinders across many different markets as an efficient fuel container in the agricultural, recreation, hospitality, industrial, construction, sailing and fishing sectors.
It can serve as fuel for cooking, central heating and to water heating and is a particularly cost-effective and efficient way to heat off-grid homes.

HIWA OIL is honor of supplying LPG to our different clients over S.E Asia, East Asia , Est Asia, east and west Africa. with guarantee of safe delivery.

Test Item                                                         Test Method                              Specification

Sp. Gr. 15.6/15.6 Deg.C               ASTM D 2598                            To be reported
Vapor pressure                              ASTM D 1267 or D 2598             Max 200
(psig at 100 Deg.F)
Propane content (vol %)              ASTM D 2163                                Min 96.0
Ethane content (vol %)                 ASTM D 2163                                Max 2.0
Volatile residue                                  ASTM D 2163                               Max 2.5
(Butane+)(Vol %)
Residue on evaporation              ASTM D 2158                               Max 0.05
of 100ml  
Oil stain observation                    ASTM D 2158                               Pass
Copper corrosion                          ASTM D 1838                                No. 1 strip
Sulfur content (ppm)             ASTM D 1266 or D 5453           Max 40
H2S                                                      ASTM D 2420 or IP103               Negative
Moisture                                          ASTM D 2713 or D 1744             Pass

Test Item                                 Test Method                               Specification

Sp. Gr,15.6/15.6 Deg.C.          ASTM D 2598                             To be reported
Vapor Pressure                         ASTM D 1267 or D 2598                   Max 70
(psig at 100 deg.F)
Butane content (vol%)                  ASTM D 2163                                    Min 95.0
Volatile residue                                  ASTM D 2163                                    Max 2.0
(Pentanc +)(vol%)
Copper corrosion                             ASTM D 1838                                    No. 1 strip
Sulfur content(ppm)                  ASTM D 1266 or D 5453              Max 80
H2S                                                          ASTM D 2420                                          Negative
Free water                                                 Visual                                                        None