Quality is the most factor which Hiwa Oil is focus on. and we concern too much about very clear services providing to our good clients.
So we handling export process from A to Z by our own experts, and facilities.
Our Bitumen is packing in our own factory with capacity of 1000MT per day, then move to loading port and stuff to containers.
The quality of all of our exports while check in our laboratory, are being inspect by international inspection companies, like SGS and GeoChem.
Export process is daily reporting by photo and related documents to our buyers, as one of our supply services.

By following photos you may find simply our export cycles and trends and some simple related business Docs.


Drum Specification:

 150 KG180 KG200 KG
Plate Thickness (Body)0.6±0.02 MM0.6±0.02 MM0.8±0.02 MM
Plate Thickness (Top & Bottom)0.6±0.02 MM0.6±0.02 MM0.8±0.02 MM
Height86±2 CM98±2 CM98±2 CM
Diameter50 CM50 CM55 CM
Lid Hole Diameter10±1 CM10±1 CM10±1 CM
Net Filling Capacity147±3 KG182±3 KG200±3 KG
Gross Weight154±3 KG192±3 KG215±3 KG
Drum Tare Weight7.0±0.1 KG9.5±0.1 KG16.0±0.2 KG
ColorGlossy Black
Loading in 20ft Container
Number of Drums11011080
Net Weight of Bitumen≈ 16.50 MT≈ 19.80 MT≈ 16.00 MT

Polybag Specification :


40 Kg

300 Kg

1 Ton


Filling quantity for Bitumen (net)

40 kg

300 kg

1,000 Kg


Outer bag

PP Fabric

PP Fabric

Inner Liner




Melting peak inner bag (liner)

125°C /257°F

137°C / 279°F

137°C / 279°F

Loading in 20Ft Container

Number of Bags




Quantity of Bitumen – (Net Weight)

≈  20.00 MT

≈  24.00 MT

≈  20.00 MT