Performance Grade Bitumen (PG Bitumen)


Performance Grade (PG) Bitumen is bitumen which is graded based on its performance at different temperatures. In Superpave (Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements) grading system, binders are classified according to their performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures and called as performance grade (PG) bitumen.
PG asphalt binders are selected to meet expected climatic conditions as well as traffic speed and volume adjustments. Therefore, the PG system uses a common set of tests to measure physical properties of the binder that can be directly related to field performance of the pavement at its service temperatures by engineering principles.
Penetration grading and viscosity grading are somewhat limited in their ability to fully characterize asphalt binder for use in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement but Superpave performance grading (PG) tests and specifications are specifically designed to address HMA pavement performance parameters such as rutting, fatigue cracking and thermal cracking. Therefore, the PG system uses a common battery of tests (as the older penetration and viscosity grading systems do) but specifies that a particular asphalt binder must pass these tests at specific temperatures that are dependent upon the specific climatic conditions in the area of use.


Specification of Performance Grade Bitumen (PG Bitumen):

PG 46-34

PG 46-28

PG 52-28

PG 58-28

PG 58-22

PG 64-22


Original Binder

Flash Point, COC,°C

230T 48

Flash Point, P-M, °C

NS≥ 204ASTM D93

Rotational Viscosity @ 135°C, Pa·s

3.00T 316

Dynamic Shear @ Grade Temperature,°C

464652585864T 315

G*/sin @ 10 rad/sec, kPa

≥ 1.00

RTFOT Residue

Mass Loss, %

≤ 1.00T 240

Dynamic Shear @ Grade Temperature,°C

464652585864T 315

G*/sin @ 10 rad/sec, kPa


PAV Residue (Aging Temperature, °C)

90100R 28

Dynamic Shear @ Grade Temperature,°C

101316192225T 315

G*/sin @ 10 rad/sec, kPa


Creep Stiffness


S, Mpa

≤ 300T 313


≥ 0.30T 313