Medium Curing Cutback Bitumen (MC):

Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing (MC) is simply a combination of asphalt cement and petroleum solvent.
Medium Curing is the most common category in cutback bitumen.
Hiwa Oil Co, supplying pure quality Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing (MC) in five grades of MC-30, MC-70, MC-250, MC-800, and MC-3000, according to the following specifications.


Guaranty and safety of Medium Curing Cutback Bitumen (MC):

Hiwa Oil Co, guaranty the quality of Medium Curing Cutback Bitumen (MC), while inspecting by international inspection companies, the both quality and quantity of Medium Curing Cutback Bitumen (MC), at loading port before loading and completing containers stuffing. The Medium Curing Cutback Bitumen (MC) also has its own prove of product quality of each batches by QC, while producing in refinery and before shipping. Hiwa Oil Co, guarantees the quality which meet with ASTM, according to following specification.


Specification of Medium Curing Cutback Bitumen (MC):


Test method

           MC-30     MC70     MC-250      MC-800      MC-3000                
Kinematic viscosity at 60°C [140°F], mm2/s         30-60     70-140    250-500    800-1600     3000-6000ASTM D2170
Flash Point (Tag open-cup), °C [°F]         38[100]   38[100]   66[150]      66[150]      66[150]                                 min            min             min                min                minASTM D3143

Distillation test:
Distillate, volume percent of total distillate to 360°C [680°F]:

To 225°C [437°F]              35 max      25 max      20 max          -/-              -/-ASTM D402
To 260°C [500°F]               30-75         10-70        5-55          40 max       40 maxASTM D402
To 316°C [600°F]               75-95         65-93        60-90        45-85          15-75ASTM D402
Residue from distillation to 360°C [680°F], percent volume by difference               50 min       55 min       67 min       75 min        80 minASTM D402
Tests on residue from distillation:
Penetration at 25°C            120-300   120-300    120-300   120-250     120-250ASTM D5
Ductility at 25°C [77°F], cm             100 min     100 min     100 min      100 min     100 minASTM D113
Solubility in trichloroethylene, %           99.0 min    99.0 min    99.0 min   99.0 min   99.0 minASTM D2042
Water, %             0.2 max      0.2 max      0.2 max      0.2 max      0.2 maxASTM D95