Bitumen Emulsions

Bitumen emulsions have being developed and exponentially increased sinned they were created in 1900. Bitumen emulsions are basically an “oil on water solution” , a dispersion of bitumen particles on water, where bitumen is dispersed in water with the aid of a small quantity of emulsifying agent. The agent stabilizes the bitumen particles under normal conditions of storage. Bitumen emulsions derive their main use in road construction and maintenance because of their safety, ease in handling and excellent adhesion properties
they are primarily used for tack coats for use in between hot mix asphalt layers and prime coats for thin hot mix surfacing layers or a chip seal pavements.

Bitumen emulsions are divided into three categories, Anionic with negatively charged globules, Cationic with positively charged globules, and Non-ionic with neutral globules.

Anionic emulsions were first developed. But they are currently use less than the cationic emulsions, as cationic emulsions coat the aggregates more efficiently due to their positive load and have therefore better adhesion properties. Among these available types Emulsions, the Cationic Emulsion is more favored and it used more widely.

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The Cationic Emulsion bitumen is classifying into three types: Rapid Setting grades, Medium Setting grades, and Slow Setting grades.